How do purpose-driven companies communicate with their stakeholders? We’ve asked the expert! Here’s our latest interview with H2H marketing and communication expert Riccardo Del Bianco.


I’m the Founder of marketing agencies RiLab and OSM Marketing. I’ve been working in marketing and communications for 20 years now. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses promote themselves and identify their why, firmly believing that a company cannot exist without knowing its soul, its purpose and its values. Without these there can be no effective communication. My dream is to change how we do marketing and make it a simple tool at everyone’s reach. I want to create what I call human-centred marketing, where the value of the person is at the core of everything.

What is H2H communication?

H2H stands for Human to Human, person to person, it all starts from here, the person.
So far communication between businesses has been very much focused on brands talking to each other, aka the famous B2B. However today this mindset is very much outdated. Communication will increasingly turn to people and keep people at the core.

Sometimes we tend to think that technology has pushed us apart. On the contrary the ability to connect with extreme ease and speed has only exponentially increased the ability for humans to build relationships.

Businesses and organisations are made of people. It’s people who make the decisions, who form relationships and who have needs. The “human factor” has always been, is and will always be a key part of decision-making. And human interactions will be the most important lever to grow a business sustainably. Today, effective communication must go through human emotions, relationships and values.

Why is this type of communication important for a company?

Because the alternative is dry, dull, unexciting communication. A kind of communication that only speaks to companies, aka “the brand” and not the people that are part of it. Which is basically like staring at a box and ignoring what’s inside.

Today, communication has to tell a deeper, more authentic story about the business. About its founders, employees and the overall journey. It’s about purpose and why we decided to dedicate ourselves to that purpose with our product or service. Communication is no longer a system used to search for new customers, but rather a mindset to attract people to our company more organically. Thanks to our authenticity.

What do you think is the relationship between H2H communication and business values based on ethics, sustainability and purpose?

Well as mentioned there can be no communication without ethics, sustainability, rights, values…. Today companies have to tend to attraction, they have to create micro communities around them and welcome people aligned with their values.

You can learn more about the importance of attracting people to your business here.

We can no longer think that we can satisfy our customers with our product only, or worse with our prices. These are becoming secondary parameters in the decision-making phase. Today everything goes through trust. And the only way to build this trust is by becoming a purpose-led business, with authenticity at the core.

So communication must lead to this, telling people your why, your purpose. Nothing else.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d just like to emphasise that we need to see marketing (and communications) more and more as a way for businesses to start taking responsibility for who you are and what you give back. Quite the opposite of the infamous greenwashing in that sense!


So, if you’d like to take responsibility for who you are and build a business led by purpose drop us a note and let’s have a chat. We help companies align their purpose to the Sustainable Development Goals and make a difference for people, the planet and the business too.