With Millennials going to represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025 and Gen Z starting to approach this new world we must acknowledge that work has changed radically and will continue to change. 

Just like marketing expert Philip Kotler said, there are two types of businesses: those who adapt and change and those who don’t and disappear.

Young people are asking businesses to change. Or even better, are forcing them to. But what kind of change are they looking for?

Purpose is the key word. The reason why something exists or it is done.

Young people are looking for purpose. They are looking for businesses where they can express themselves, distant from strict environments where we should all look the same, like the same things and act in a similar way to one another. 

But what’s behind the word purpose? In this article we explore 3 key words that fundamentally define and make up this concept. 


Millennials and most strongly Gen Z seem to have a rather difficult relationship with fake stuff. Probably because they were born in an era of fake news and fake social lives. They strive for authentic relationships and true action. 

They don’t like politicians who make big promises and don’t deliver – think about Fridays for Future for example. 


They love working environments where they can just be who they are. Environments where people laugh, have fun and support each other in a very human way. The more serious and formal your work environment is, the less likely you are to attract and retain young people. 

The more authentic you are, the more people will feel at home and love working with you. 

Think about external comms as well. What do your current and former employees say about your business? Do you engage them in volunteering activities? Do you give them a chance to act against climate change? Do you have a wellbeing programme dedicated to them? Because all these elements will make a massive difference for the future of your business.


Close your eyes and think about a manager. Are you thinking about a white man in a suit? Unfortunately, sometimes it still happens to me too. And that’s the first indicator that something needs to change in how we see things. Some ideas and images are so embedded in us that even when we’re fully aware, it’s difficult to change them. 

But purpose isn’t just one thing, one image. Each individual has a unique purpose, each business has a unique purpose. There’s isn’t just ONE purpose. When we talk about purpose, we cannot ignore diversity. Or better… uniqueness.

Diversity in business has become a bit of buzzword these days. We also use it when trying to express a fundamental aspect of social sustainability surrounding diversity and inclusion in the workspace. 

Yet rather than talking about diversity we should perhaps use the word uniqueness. An inclusive workplace is one where people have a chance to express themselves and feel welcome – no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, disability or religion. 

An inclusive business recognises that uniqueness is a true lever for change and innovation, and therefore growth. And all that translates into a shared sense of purpose. 

Only when you’re ready to embrace uniqueness will you be able to make your employees feel part of a shared sense of purpose.


Boys don’t cry. Or do they? Yes they do. So do managers, founders, employees. We are not our roles, we are people with roles and responsibilities.

A strong leadership isn’t about ignoring people’s problems and faking that everything is working well. A strong leadership is about listening and caring for one another. It’s when a manager asks their employee why they’re down today and if they’d like to talk about it. 

Empathy is a key part of purpose because it brings people together and helps them feel part of a community that cares. Act with empathy and you won’t just attract young people to your business, you’ll create a much healthier work environment for yourself and your colleagues too.

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So, what does purpose really mean? From our point of view it means building a business where uniqueness is embraced, where authenticity is at the core of decision-making and where empathy is a fundamental part of leadership. 

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